The World's 1st Toilet Pillow:

Improves posture & enhances the user's comfort and well-being.
PottyPillow | Plush The Toilet! | Soft, Comfortable, Affordable

#1 Pillow 

For a luxurious potty experience, everyone needs!


This Is Why You Need It

Without Potty Pillow

Frankly, for many people, especially those experiencing pain, toilets are not comfortable. They are notoriously hard, cold and encourage slumping and poor posture. Not good!


With Potty Pillow

Potty Pillow luxuriously bridges the gap between your back and the toilet lid for Instant Comfort, Lumbar Support, and an Improved Posture resulting in a relaxed pelvic floor.


Who Needs It?

Everyone, of course, but for some, trips to the bathroom can be uncomfortable and challenging due to medical conditions, recovery from surgery, pregnancy and postpartum, or simply the natural aches and pains of aging.

Antimicrobial, Water-Resistant, And Washable

Equipped with antimicrobial properties that effectively reduce germs, bacteria, and molds by 99.99%


Liquid of any kind will not penetrate the surface. Spills or urine just doesn’t stand a chance


Simply spray with your favorite cleaning product. Covers can also be removed to hand-wash and air dry for a deeper clean


Premium, High-Quality Vegan Leather Materials For Luxury You Can Feel

Premium Vegan Leather

Made from premium vegan leather, Potty Pillow brings a touch of luxury to any bathroom for a luxurious and comfortable experience.


Ergonomic & Modern Design

Fits perfectly in your bathroom & looks great / aesthetically pleasing.

Your guests will be wowed!


Storage Pouch

Comes with a storage pouch for those moments when you want to take it with you.



Reversed and use on top the lid of a closed toilet as a cushioned seat for your bum.

Adding Rest To Restroom

Providing More Ways to a Comfortable Bathroom Experience and Being with You Every Step of the Way
PottyPillow | Perfect For Everyone | The Amazing Clean, Efficient, Soft, And Durable PottyPillow

Designed To Fit Most Lids

  • Fits all round and elongated lids
  • Our rear pouch makes it easy to attach and stay on lid
  • Includes a storage pouch
“Whatever you do on the toilet, Potty Pillow will be there to support you"

Rena Queen – Founder & Creator

For me, the bathroom has always been a place of refuge. Growing up as a little girl, during many years of civil wars that ravaged my home country of Liberia, escaping to the bathroom was my own way of enjoying alone time away from the many cousins that lived in my home.