A Little Different
But A Lot Helpful.


Ergonomically designed toilet pillow provides Lumbar Support & comfort as you sit on the toilet.

A Spa-Like Toilet Experience:
No more trying to sit on a cold, hard and uncomfortable toilet. Potty Pillow wraps and cushions your back in softness providing you an Instant Comfort.

For individuals experiencing discomfort and pain due to various medical conditions, pregnancy, or the natural aging process, using the toilet can be challenging.

Potty Pillow transforms the bathroom experience by offering a luxurious, ergonomic, and hygienic solution that improves posture and enhances the user's overall well-being.


We have unfortunately been conditioned to slouch over while sitting on the toilet, thus putting strains on our back, and damaging our spine over time. Potty Pillow promotes a more relaxed posture thus reducing strains which can lead to back pain and other issues. A relaxed posture equals a relaxed pelvic floor; great for people with trouble going #2.

From Relaxation
to Support,
comfort &
Relief, The Potty
Pillow is There
For Comfort.