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Potty Pillow review

Minnesota Good Age

I used the product for about a week and kept coming back to the thought, “why hasn’t anyone thought of this?”

Opening up the box, I unwrapped the decorative wrap that enclosed the pillow to find a well-constructed, leather pillow “cushion”. It’s immediately apparent how the product is used, with its stretch pocket-backing that fits snugly over the back of a toilet seat.

Potty Pillow idea born amid strife of wartime


As a young girl in Buchanan, Liberia, Rena Queen Heegaard feared the country's civil war.

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For moms that have recently given birth, trips to the bathroom are still frequent, according to InterMed.

Local Spotlight: Meet Rena Heegaard


There were a few moments in my life that led me to start my business.

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