Meet the lady of the loo

I want to make uncomfortable toilets a thing of the past!

I started Potty Pillow out of sheer love for the bathroom. The toilet is one of the most private places and intimate times in our lives. Dream big or small, imagine your best self (or be embarrassingly petty), problem solve or let your mind drift to the trivial, it is YOUR TIME!

Growing up as a little girl, during the many years of civil war that ravaged my home country of Liberia, escaping to the bathroom was my own way of enjoying an alone time away from the many cousins that lived in my home. There, I always thought of how much more comfortable sitting on the toilet could - and should be – So I would sneak a cushion or a pillow in there to help me be comfortable.

I created this product to help pregnant and postpartum mothers, people experiencing pain and discomfort due to medical issues, as well as our aging loved ones. I want them to be comfortable on the toilet and experience the ultimate comfort, so that they can get back quickly to what matter most.

Our Story

Meet the lady of the loo 

To some, it might sound off the wall. A pillow for the potty? But to one Twin Cities-based mom, it was a no-brainer.  

Growing up as a little girl, escaping to the bathroom was her own way of enjoying alone time away from the many cousins that lived in her home during many years of civil wars that ravaged her home country. 

Fast forward to many years later, she saw herself spending hours sitting on the hard, uncomfortable toilet lid while her young children bathed. 

Raising two boys, she escaped to the bathroom whenever she needed a quick break, especially when the pandemic drove everyone home and she needed a few minutes of “me time.”  

She thought of how much more comfortable sitting on the toilet could - and should - be,  

and she knew she wasn’t alone in her thoughts. So she began to devise a way to make it better.   

And the Potty Pillow was born.  


Plush the toilet!   

After months of sourcing and coming up with the right materials, shape, and size, she created the world’s first pillow for the toilet.  

Ergonomically designed to provide lumber support, comfort, and relaxation while you sit on the toilet, the Potty Pillow is a soft, clean, and plush wonder that instantly turns your potty into a relaxing and luxurious spa-like experience to make an ordinary moment a little more special.   

So whether you are in search for some “me-time”, caring for your loved ones, checking your phone, or taking an old-fashion crap, do it all with the Potty Pillow!  Your Throne Awaits!  


Additional Features You'll Love

Our Promise

Long-lasting design:
We've designed Potty Pillow with only the finest and highest quality materials to ensure that it lasts many years into the future.

Reusability and recyclability:
Potty Pillow is washable and extremely versatile. Plus, it is our goal that once you purchase a Potty Pillow for a toilet, subsequent purchases would be around accessories that enhances the product and allows for customization rather than having to replace it.

Sustainable Distribution:
We are using 100% recyclable materials for our packaging solution.

Giving back to the planet:

We support reforestation efforts through our partnership with One Tree Planted.