For Many, Trips to the Bathroom Can be a Difficult and Uncomfortable Experience.

For individuals experiencing discomfort or pain due to various reasons such as medical conditions, post-surgery recovery, pregnancy, or the natural aging process.

Potty Pillow transforms the bathroom experience by offering a luxurious, ergonomic, and hygienic solution that improves posture and enhances the user's overall well-being


The Ultimate Self-Care:
Ergonomically designed toilet pillow provides Lumbar Support and comfort as you sit on the toilet. 

A Spa-Like Toilet Experience:
No more trying to sit on a cold, hard and uncomfortable toilet. Potty Pillow wraps and cushions your back in softness providing you an Instant Comfort.

Promotes Better Sitting Posture: We have unfortunately been conditioned to slouch over while sitting on the toilet, thus putting strains on our back, and damaging our spine over time. Potty Pillow promotes a more relaxed posture thus reducing strains which can lead to back pain and other issues. A relaxed posture equals a relaxed pelvic floor.

A Toilet Pillow For Every Situation

A pillow for the potty? Yes, it’s the Potty Pillow, the world’s first health and wellness product that makes sitting on the toilet comfortable.

Or Busy Parents: The Scene of Chaos!

You’re home with the kids. The house is a mess (or maybe it’s not). You’re trying to get some work done while you make dinner with your little one’s arms wrapped tightly around your legs. The dog needs to go out and/or the cat’s litter box needs changing. The “to do” list just keeps getting longer And you? you just need a minute for a little me-time.

You escape to the one room in the house where you know no one will bother you - the bathroom. The only place to sit is on the toilet, but it’s so hard and cold. Until now.

Or, Consider This:

You’re sitting on the potty checking your emails, social media, hoping to enjoy a little moment of relaxation before the start of your day; or oops, maybe you are just in there to do your "business" and it is not exactly a relaxing experience.

So, however you choose to conduct your business on the toilet, Potty Pillow will be there to support you because you deserve Comfort Where You Need It!