Potty Pillow Classic - Whisper White
Potty Pillow Classic - Whisper White
Potty Pillow Classic Lumbar Support Toilet Pillow - Whisper White | PottyPillow | The First Health and Wellness Lumbar Support Toilet Pillow
Potty Pillow Classic - Whisper White

Potty Pillow Classic - Whisper White

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The moment your weary back settles against our classic whisper white Potty Pillow, you will be immediately transported back to that magical moment when your first love’s kiss brushed against your lips and there was nothing but open sky and endless possibilities ahead.

Developed to fit any elongated or round toilet lid.

  • Antimicrobial: it repels and reduces the presence of bacteria, germs, mold and odor
  • 💯 Water resistant: Liquid of any kind will not penetrate the surface. Spills just don't stand a chance. Simply spray with your favorite cleaning product and wipe to maintain a clean and fresh Potty Pillow. The cover can also be removed and hand-washed with soap and water and air dried
  • Removable covers – Includes a hidden zipper which makes it easy to deep clean or to switch the cover to match the color scheme in their bathroom, for example to celebrate certain holidays
  • Storage is a Breeze: Comes with a storage pouch for those moments when you want to store or take it with you
  • Slip-On/Slip-Off for ease of use: Our Innovative Slip-On/Slip-Off feature in the form of a kangaroo pouch makes it easy to attach and stay on the toilet lid
  • Lumbar support: Provides unprecedented lumbar support while improving posture while you sit on the toilet
  • Versatile: Reversible so that it becomes a cushioning seat when used on the top of the lid of a closed toilet so that you can sit and pamper your bum a little. This also allows for closure of the toilet lid
    • Potty Pillow can also be used as a knee cushion as you care for your loved ones

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Susan B.
Affordable Luxury in the Powder Room

Love my Potty Pillow and the comfort to my back it affords me. It is so comfortable and designed to help you sit with a correct posture. Think I may need one for each restroom!

Cozette C.
This product is not only extremely useful!

This product is not only extremely useful for everyone in my family, it's also beautifully esthetically pleasing! The material is very easy to clean and keep clean; which is important considering it lives in the bathroom. It's comfortable, sturdy and feels as though it will last me longer than many of the other bathroom baby items I have found in stores

Ali T.
It was extremely comfortable!

The Potty Pillow is something I didn’t realize I needed until I tried it out at a friend’s house. It was extremely comfortable and made for a much more relaxing experience. I can’t wait to get one of my own!

Morgan W.
Functional and comfortable

Potty Pillow adds another level of comfort to our private moments. Whether you spend a short or long time, you'll be more comfortable. Bonus for doubling as a knee pad when working under the sink or in the tub!

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